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May 22, 2015


Here be where I ramble a bit about my current Works In Progress, be they my writing, artwork, or some other random Project in Progress.

The WIP category in Artistical Exploration
The WIP category in my Tumblr blog

--Last Updated: Sat. Jan. 17, 2015
Currently working on:
  • Updating my blogs and building a buffer for them. Including some clean-up of old entries, hopefully a tighter tagging label & category representation will emerge out of this effort...
  • Separating writing, crafting and business from the Artistical Exploration blog and into their own blogs.
  • Getting 6 YouTube channels ready, prep work for videos.
  • Several projects that I'm not yet ready to announce details on, as usual
  • Developing a daily writing habit of 1K+ words per day
  • Developing a proper sketchbook habit
  • Novels started during previous NaNoWriMo's.
  • Seasonal art and making projects, as well as regular ones
  • General planning and organizing of projects.
  • Office / Studio organization
  • Decadent Angels - plotwork, background work, concept & design sketches, 12.2 rough draft work to be done soon as possible.
  • Sunday Rose - comic book series; long term planning, plot work for 1st arc, character design & concept sketching and more. Should babble a bit about it in the not too distant future.
  • Destruction of the Muse - a comic strip; character designs & concept sketching, I've already got the 1st several strips planned. Should discuss it some soon.

Will get more project pics (art, crafting/making etc) as soon as I can.

Here's what's currently being worked on in Photoshop:

Actually writing up a tutorial for this mermaid. This WIP shot is  in the tonal art stage still.

Caged Faerie. This WIP shot is used in the blog entry Coming Uncaged. I'm actually a bit further than this right now.

I'm coloring my Skeptical Geisha drawing.

Barely started a goth faerie here.

I'm coloring Ocean Steam Miss also posted in my Tumblr blog about it.

This piece is called Sci Punk Faerie. I'm nearly finished rendering her hair everything else is only the tonal  art.

Made recent progress on this Sunset Faerie since posting  Photoshop Warm Up With a Faerie
I haven't gotten very far with this untitled piece featuring some zombies.

This also is not very far along, it's called Zombie and Bot, though ya can't really  tell there's a zombie and a robot in it yet.

This is the rough of what's in photoshop on a piece called Vampire Librarian.

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