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Stuff always being prepped in the background.

Lots of stuff has happened in the last few years. And some of the older posts need maintenance. A buffer of entries is being developed.

In the process of updating tons of parts of my website, shops and web presence.

Tons planned for this year including splitting some topics into separate blogs.
See the Announcements page for a bit more info.

May 22, 2015


All Bent Realm Studios Announcements

Always working on projects in the background even when I get quiet :)

Refining the layout on a zombie painting. Soon will be painting the castle I sculpted earlier this month, pics can be seen on my Instagram, which usually gets live pics while working on projects & generally receives my art & crafting pics before any other social network.
Started my official Bent Realm Street Team & added one member, whom I also made admin on my FB page (Posted on there about it).
Working on all kinds of things in the background as always.

Still in the process of setting up all that needs to be done for splintering Artistical Exploration into 4 separate topical blogs, where this blog AE will become just about art and the other 3 main topics (writing, crafting, and business) will have their own blogs, just finished writing a draft of a blog entry talking about it, it will get edited soon then posted.
Also in the process of setting up 6 YouTube channels (separated by topics).

Developing a regular sketchbook habit. Trying to get back in the habit of doing regular digital art too.

Writing most days, I joined this 365K Club in which we're trying to end up at the end of the year having at least 365,000 words written (attempting to average 1000 words a day). I'm doing well so far and will get into that in my writing blog soon (see blog status list below for link).

May 22, 2015

Specials & Sales

Contests & GiveAways

  • When my Facebook Page passes 250 likes/ likers, I will be holding a contest.

New Releases

Jobs & Gigs
None are currently available, but when they are they will be mentioned here. Though some gigs are being planned.


Blog Status Report:
  • Artistical Exploration (art) - Active. Much planned. Currently drafting several posts which will be edited then scheduled for posting. Old entries being cleaned up.
  • Writecide (writing) - being set up, posts being drafted, should begin posting before to much longer.
  • Shopkeepist (business, shopkeeping etc) - being set up, posts being drafted, should begin posting before to much longer.
  • Kraften (Crafting, making and DIY) - being set up, posts being drafted, should begin posting before to much longer.
  • Bent Realm Bites (Bite -sized bits of Bent Realm) - Old entries are being cleaned up and maintenanced, new entries are being written, to exit hiatus soon. Much planned. Includes columns like - 10 Things (a list form creative writing exercise I regularly do), Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips and Story Starters. I'll also be putting more in Progress pics of art I'm working on (then a compilation of in progress shots will be written up in tutorial-esque fashion & included here on Artistical Exploration); this is my Tumblr blog & Tumblr is for short form blog entries, and I will be regularly connecting certain elements of Bites and AE to be complementary to each other.
  • Additional Info (help blog) –This is just the help topics, not an actual blog.
  • Blogs Overview - Will be updated as soon as I'm done rearranging my blogs & incorporating the changes I’m making.
  • Bent Realm Poetry - Active. Stuff in the works.
  • Decadent Angels - hiatus; format issues being resolved; and new activity to start soon. Plotwork and other background elements in development prepping for exit of hiatus, hopefully within 2015.

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