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May 22, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015

So Long 2014, Hello 2015

In the background are some digital art pieces I want to finish in 2015.

As usual when a new year starts, I'm glad to be starting off fresh, and to be rid of the old frame. Some of this may be my ambition exceeded the means of any individual human being. My expectations are not altogether unrealistic, however. More often than not though they would benefit from better organization, prioritization, time management, resource access, and energy. My god the energy. Oh and the ability to simply focus far too often eludes me. Things like motivation and ideas are plentiful, as is the passion for what I do, thankfully.

Last year saw some major adjustments for me. I reached the one year married mark in October, and since we had only lived together for a month before we got married (and had only just met two months prior to moving in), and though we spent the majority of our waking hours together getting to know each other before getting married, it was a very large adjustment. We had to catch some kind of more routine dynamic than we started with, because life was a little too vacation like at the beginning. Plus, I put too many things aside to focus on figuring out what the heck I was doing as far as wifery goes. This heavy adjusting phase has only just started mellowing out about a month and a half ago. I'd never been married before. Six months after marrying we got a dog (his name is Echo, he was already 3 when he came to live with us). The dog was a huge adjustment. And I'm not just saying that cause he's an attention junkie, thinks he's a lap dog even though he's a 50 pounder, having a dog involves a lot of extra cleaning and he is very under foot any time we walk about in our house. Or maybe I am.

There was a lot of hammered chaos going on all around, the whole year. And my big office organizational break through did not start until August when I acquired 3 big shelving units. In November I got a 2nd filing cabinet which also really helped.

So far I am looking at 2015 being a much more artistically successful year. As well as my other areas.

2014 saw many improvements across the board. Among the notable, was my writing, art and making habits did improve. Paving the way for the specific improvements I aim to make this year. I also got better at not only working a project to deadline but also with multiple items in a short time frame. That alone is a massive and very needed chunk of progress. Increased my capacity for timing my efforts as well as working within specific time frames on a specific task.

At the close of the year, I even initiated and worked on a huge chunk of a year end review assessment of Bent Realm Studios. So far the most useful section of it that is already completed is the section where I listed what worked well and what did NOT work well.

As far as what 2014's biggest hurdle was - indecision. There were several matters throughout the whole year that drastically slowed me down and held me back all over my projects due to major decisions needing to be made and my inability to be sure which option to pursue. One of these decisions is whether to sort my fields into more digestible topical platforms, or stick with the simplicity of having a main platform that cobbles it all together. This even prevented me from truly getting into my blogging and so many other projects. I'm thinking however, if I am to truly build any of my work big I am going to have to platform them off more. For example when I blog about writing specifically it should have it's own blog, YouTube channel, amazon associates store, zazzle shop etc. or else the people who came just for the writing are going to flitter away whenever I post repeatedly about my additional main topics. Kinda like how don't put your salad into your spaghetti dinner but next to it.

I will go into exactly what I am separating out of this blog in a later post which I'll link to here.

Ridiculously what helped me decide that, and be sure this time, just the other morning was simply deciding that I am sick of being so indecisive and being held back by the consequence of not making them in a more timely matter. Basically deciding very forcefully that I am simply done being so freaking indecisive and I will move forward and progress with the goals that cannot be worked on until such decisions are made. I have done that before with something and it worked surprisingly well. A pity I did not remember that little trick. Funny enough the trick is making a decision. To sum up - I made a decision to end the indecision.

The biggest highlight of the year (aside from good memories from my personal life, especially with my beloved husband, who does The Jay Report) - all the awesome art, writing and making (crafting and such) that I did manage to work on throughout the year.
I will end up posting some more about my year end review as well as more on my 2015 plans soon. Do be aware that some of the sections in this blog will end up ported to different platforms soon.

What was your biggest progress or accomplishment in 2014? What was your biggest hurdle? What do you think will help you to have an epic 2015?

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