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May 22, 2015

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Halloween Supply-mageddon

This is the first year since starting up my website and online shops that I have been able to get started on Halloween (plus 
Autumn / Fall / Harvest) themed items more than a week before Halloween! It’s not your imagination, I am ridiculously excited about this, as both a milestone and a sign of progress to come.

Art, writing, and making stuff is really a lot of work, and my fields are a bit broader than the average handmade artisan. It may seem, to some, as though I put to much on myself project wise, but this is such a huge part of my sanity maintenance regimen it’s unreal. To have too many un-acted on ideas floating through my mind is just too stagnant a life for me to live through, if that makes any sense. May as well live through the bits that I’m alive for. The fact that I am finally to the point where I can start prepping in advance for holiday seasons, means so much. It means things like – I’ll have more cohesive presence across the board, many ducks have lined up in the rows they need to be in, I have gotten massively better at coping with deadlines on multiple project types (this one is super freaking huge for so many reasons but especially due to the giant obstacles I face on that), and that my office / art studio is far more organized.

Currently in the middle of a deeper cleaning of my studio shelves. A thing that has become more than a little urgent, since I tore into my supplies a little over three weeks ago to pull out supplies that will work particularly well for Halloween & Autumn etc themed projects. Getting tired of how disheveled that made many things. There is no space on the shelves for this special supply sort yet, and well most of it’s going to be needed out until Thanksgiving. And Christmas supplies will need to be brought out before that. Not liking these things taking extra space, especially when unsorted it all fits on the shelves. I had no idea I have this many supplies that work for these themes! Though I should have, seeing as how Halloween goes along the same lines as two of my main genres - horror and goth.

Yet, despite this bit of chaos disrupting the studio space, and ease of supply access, I’m still finding plenty of motivation for these Halloween and other seasonal projects. The workflow is less stunted by it than I had imagined it would be. Naturally, this being a milestone & major progress in my creative process does have a large amount to do with that. On top of that I am finding myself growing ever more accustomed to working to deadlines.

I have known my husband a few months over a year now (our 1st wedding anniversary is this month and he has actually started a GoFundMe campaign to try and get us the honeymoon we’ve never had, any donations would seriously rock) and in that time I set myself many deadlines. Mostly involving art and handmade gifts for family members for holidays, as well as a couple commissions. I’m exceptionally pleased with how effective this practice has been in helping me move forward on that key skill. Looking forward to applying that to my writing as well.

Is anybody else working on some creative projects for Halloween and /or Autumn / Harvest? If so, what are your favorite mediums and subjects for theses seasonal projects?

Anybody else making improvements on things like working to deadlines, supply organization, cohesiveness and /or obstacle stomping?

To get in the Halloween spirit some more why not check out some of the goth and horror type themed boards on my Pinterest profile!

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