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May 22, 2015

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Brain is Finally Thawing Out from Winter

In November I had this grand plan for getting stuff done over the winter. I had a feeling winter was going to put me into a really freaking out of it state where my normal exhaustion levels spiked like I was some bear trying desperately to hibernate. It seems to do that. And overcast skies practically knock me unconscious.

Yet somehow I had convinced myself that I’d be able to get tons of writing done this last winter. And yeah it sounded logical at 1st, especially since in December I had 2 whole days where I didn’t feel exhausted, which is something that I hadn’t experienced since before I was 13 & puberty hit. But I completely failed to realize that I get extra quiet when at that level of exhausted. Feeling quiet does not lend itself well to writing. Maybe next winter I’ll try to bury myself in sketching like a fiend. It could work, despite being burrito wrapped in blankets.

Oh snap, those two days I had where I wasn’t even tired back in December, that’s still screwing with my mind pretty hard. What a tease that was. Seriously.

In feeling so quiet all those months really made me question hard whether I should keep trying to go forward with my writing, art and other creative projects. Keeping to a schedule is awfully difficult to do even before one factors in my exhaustion and other such problems, just out of the sheer unpredictability of creative energy and it’s unruly whim.

Yet now that summer is starting to feel like it’ll be here soon my ability to accomplish project tasks and like my cognitive brain functions are thawing or whatever, here I am back in the thick of it. Maybe next year when it happens again I’ll get to not worry so dang much and just work around it all in a more efficient and useful way. It could happen.

Do you experience a noticeable difference in your productivity and ability to function between winter and summer?

If so, have you come up with any work arounds for that?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Spawn Sketch and Stitches

Spawn chracter study mini sketch jan 5 2013
Oh my, me doing fan art?! Almost as rare as my foot NOT getting caught in the mouse cord. Still can’t figure out how my foot keeps getting tangled like that… Did this character study sketch of Spawn in my mini sketchbook. This makes like my 3rd or 4th whack at drawing him. I hadn’t drawn this comic book character since early 1999.

It will not, however, be my last Spawn drawing this month. The reason I drew this lil sketch is – somebody commissioned me to do a Spawn piece. I say commissioned like it’s all that fancy & official. What actually happened was more of a special request that I’m not charging for. Normally, I do not do non-commission requests, but I made an exemption for this one.

Did this sketch to just feel out drawing Spawn, since it has been so long since I drew him. Sort of an encouragement pick me up exercise. Up next- thumbnails and layouts for the main piece.

Gotta take it slow, since I had minor surgery on the 4th, and I’m trying not to disturb the stitches too much. Never had stitches before. It’s making me a nervous wreck, especially since it’s in a location that most movement pulls at the spot where the stitches are. Guess I ought to just watch videos online most of this week. Do the healing and resting thing. Especially since I’m the kind of girl who trips over her own pants leg, who will bawl like a baby and feel all kinds of defeated if I manage to tear these stitches. Typing hurts and pulls on them even, how annoying is that?!

Enjoyed the holy heck out of doing this sketch. Must admit I kept forgetting to mind the stitches and shrieking when I reached for a different pencil in a “hey don’t grab stuff that way when you have stitches crazyface!” way. Also, my hypoglycemia made an appearance, when I got the hunger shakes while drawing the mechanical pencil lines at the top of the cape. A hunger signal from my stomach in advance woulda been helpful, but well not like poodles can be in a mariachi band just cuz they want to. *le sigh* And yes I do think sighing in French WAS called for there.

Comment about Spawn, Fan Art, or even stitches below Smile

Spawn is not my character, he was created by Todd McFarlane [Spawn on wikipedia].

[I’ll link to the specially requested Spawn piece here once it’s done & posted]