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May 22, 2015

Monday, October 1, 2012

Yay Home Internet is Delicious

I've been living at this place for six months now and I was finally able to get home internet again. Yay! Woohoo!

Of course there is a darker side to that joy, which I'll get into below. 

Sure, a couple months in the middle, I had a neighbor who let me use her wireless signal. But that's not the same. With a borrowed signal, I was more limited and scattered, having no certainty that the internet would still be on each time I sat down to use it. Having it installed in my place makes a huge difference, and not just cuz I have a say in when it goes off. I have a desktop PC, as well as the laptop. Some tasks go better on the desktop, for one it has a much bigger screen. It also means that I don't have to stop working on projects on a computer just to watch internet streaming TV. There are shows that I like to put on in the background while I work. Especially on the tech stuffs... some of which cause headaches.

Been getting a lot done since the install. I had this silly notion that I would get lots more done not having home internet. But oddly it held all manner of projects back and I didn’t feel up to much of the projects that didn’t need internet stints to complete. It was weird. I also did not realize how many different projects actually result in some internet usage. Apparently, while working on a novel I randomly look stuff up online all the time. Quick little lookups. Not being able to do those quick little lookups slows the process down immensely. Same goes with blog writing, and even working on art. The art one really surprised me.

I won’t lie, having it does lead to some distractions that I could do with out. But I’m doing alright at not letting that have it’s wicked way with me.

The darker side is that having the home internet again means that, while I’m attempting to work on stuff that couldn’t much be worked on without it, I’m discovering and running into all sorts of technical issues and organization snafus. Things I was blissfully unaware of, and therefore not at all stressed out by, while I was home internetless. And as the saying goes, “From every solution arises six new problems.” I am, however putting forth a valiant effort to not bash my head into the keyboard. An effort that is mightily aided by having on the oh so soothing streaming TV & movies. Better than a baby’s binky.

However, on to the real dark side. The fact that I got the internet installed here means that I admitted that I’m going to be stuck living in this place for a long time still. I’m grateful to have a place of my own and all that, but I am not however blind to it’s numerous flaws, nor am I wanting to stay at this place long term. You may have noticed I can’t bring myself to call it home.

Anyone else notice using the internet for projects they expected to be fine totally offline?


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I use it for looking up words I don't know how to spell, or to look up word definations. You'd be surprised how many times I use the wrong word. I embarrass myself. If I want to verify facts, the internet is a must have, so, yeah, it's hard to live without the internet. Before we had to use the dictionary and encyclopedia. Good post, thanks for sharing.

Christina Nabity said...

Sure, glad to share :) Yeah sometimes I'm not sure if I'm using the word right, sometimes not sure I'm spelling it right. And many times I'm looking for a word I can't think of or a synonym so I don't keep repeating the same word.

All of my dictionaries, thesauruses and encyclopedias are in a storage unit that is about 200 miles away and I don't drive so I don't have access to them now anyhow. Even if I did looking stuff up in the books can too easily lead to hours of distraction. Far too much time gets spent looking stuff up in the books for it to be feasible to use while actually in the middle of writing the draft of the novel. That sort of thing is for doing while in he middle of one's research time, for sure, but doesn't erase the need for quick lookups while drafting.