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May 22, 2015

Monday, October 29, 2012

NaNo 2012 Check In 1

At the beginning of October, I posted a few goals for preparation of this year’s NaNoWriMo in my Impending NaNo 2012 blog entry. Despite being pretty sick most of this month, I managed to accomplish all but one of them.

The one I didn’t make progress on was practicing regular draft writing. Had my health been better this October, I probably would have. However, now that it’s only a few days until the start of November, I think it’s for the best. If I had spent the month heavily working on  Wet Shades 1, my head would be way too into the wrong book. Although, it does mean there’s little chance to finish the 1st draft of Wet Shades 1 by year’s end. I’ll try not to let that bother me though.

Otherwise I got the rest of the prep work done. Like last year, I opted to attempt starting book one of a series. The series title is Black Bubblegum, and book one will be called Obsidian Throne (as usual - unless I come up with a better titles later). I came up with a premise, settings, characters, the genres & the basic plot etc. I also sketched the layout for for the cover, which I’ pleased with. Eventually, I’ll post the layout sketch and subsequent Black Bubblegum art.

Black Bubblegum is based on a project I wrote two sentences of description for since May of 2009 and have had brewing on the backburner all this time. As I came across it in my files, I knew it was the one to work on in November, and the prep notes for it poured outta me like water. I expect this project to eventually have sort of dark pop artwork that’ll be released for it.

This is what I filled out on my novels page under the synopsis-
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Sci Fi/ Fantasy / Paranormal / Adventure; New Adult
Setting: mostly the Phoenix, Arizona of a semi-dystopian future in which supernatural creatures no longer bother to hide, where the USA is now Nuevo America & is merged with several other countries.

When Tabitha Sawyer turns 18 her father gives her the ever popular get a job or get out ultimatum. So she turns to a cousin who runs a mechanics shop and stumbles into a strangely fulfilling career as an assassin/ mercenary.

In book 1, Obsidian Throne, Tabby gets her first death gig. Two separate clients hire Tabby to kill the same target - a local dark faerie king. It's too much for Tabby to hope that the duel clients won't find out about each other.

In the last few days before the kick off, I’ll be setting up my novel’s file in the writing program. Inputting the characters, settings and so on, which will be attached to scenes as I write. And filling out other such fields in the program.


Also, I’m planning to try posting a NaNo Check In on this blog at least once a week, where you can share your progress in the comments as well if you like. 

Among those also planning to participate in NaNoWriMo this year, who did some prep work this month?

Is anybody planning to do something unconventional with their NaNo novel this year?

I know some people do work on novels that they already started prior, as in adding 50,000 words to a novel draft for a longer work.

Since I’m supposed to avoid stress for the sake of my health, I use it as more of a stepping stone or push off point for jumpstarting a novel project. 50,000 words, which is about 175 pages, is actually pretty short for a novel, especially in fiction. So considering it just a jumpstarting activity isn’t much of a stretch. Not every day is cooperative with writing, no matter what one’s goals are, so I have to do my best not to let such things bother me too badly.

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