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May 22, 2015

Friday, August 17, 2012

Candled Apple

Candled Apple. December 29, 2011.
Randomly came across some art challenge online (can’t find it now), that inspired this piece. The challenge was to basically sketch two items (in the same sketch) at a dynamic angle. It specifically said a candle and an apple in that art exercise, however for the purposes here you could choose your two items from various different objects, like a bunch of grapes and a wrench, or whatever your fuzzy little heart demands.

Though the goal of the art exercise that inspired this sketch had likely been the unique dynamic angle, I took it to a different place entirely. Preferring to draw the two items being used together in an unexpected way, I did just that. And the apple became the candle holder. Which I thought was far more interesting than doing a cut off close up of the two sitting next to each other in a haphazard manner with an askew viewpoint, as in the examples shared there. Then of course, later when I realized I could call it a candled apple, I giggled and felt even better than before about my deviation and rebellion against the instructions. In art you can’t always follow the rules.

So perhaps you could draw a palm tree with it’s top more closely resembling the blades of a fan, and give it a clever name like …uh… Palm Breeze, or some such whimsical nonsense. Have fun with. Sweet giggly, rebellious fun.

Does the concept of rules in art ever strike you as off? Have you ever attempted to follow some instructions for an art exercise, then veered straight off left field in the process, and wound up with something that made you happier than it could have if it had followed to form?

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