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May 22, 2015

Friday, July 27, 2012

Megabugalypse Convinced Me to Get Back into Painting

Megabugalypse. Acrylics. March 2012.
These 3 acrylic paintings are from the 1st painting session I did this year. Ok technically the only painting session I’ve done all year so far. That makes this my 4th painting session in the last 6 years. Just before that I had really started to get into painting,
I was enjoying it, and my sister AJ had told me she thought that I had more talent for painting than with pencil drawing. Since she is the one with the innate artistic talent (which she relegates to hobby status), and I’ve had to work very hard to get any good, it carried some serious weight with me. Her assessment that I had some natural talent with painting was so encouraging that I started painting regularly.

The reason for the sparse amount of painting in the last six years is simple and common. The 1st five of those years, I had a live-in fiancĂ©, and among the things I let slide in order to make time for him etc, were painting and reading. Thinking about it now I realize what a mistake it was for me to have done that, I should have made time for everything I love. While we were together, I painted about twice, probably both in the last year. In the 10 months since the split, I’ve done two painting sessions, once shortly after Christmas when my youngest sister (we’ll call her N in the blog, & I’ll refer to the sister between AJ & N as H), well N got me a set of paint brushes and a set of acrylic paints for Christmas, since most of my art supplies are in storage (which is about 200 miles from where I live) and I won’t be able to get them back until my next move (when the lease is up). This March painting session was done while still staying at my mom’s. I keep wanting to paint lately but I can’t bring myself to imagine enjoying painting this small cluttered space. And wow do I miss my easel! Once in better digs, I plan to make painting a regular thing.

Megabugalypse, above, was inspired by the crazy bug that wound up in the painting below, Bug by the Lake. I’ve never painted anything like Megabugalypse before and while working on him I rediscovered just how much I truly do enjoy painting. All three of these were quick spontaneous pieces done just for practice. Admittedly, I’m more used to painting with watercolors so there was a real challenge to this.
Bug by the Lake. Acrylics. March 2012.
After I finished with Megabugalypse, I decided to look for some acrylic painting tips online. I found the Painting section on About to be very useful. Two articles in particular, only one of which I remembered to bookmark -  10 Acrylic Painting Tips for Beginners, still can’t find that other one. This helped me do much better with the Portal Bridge painting below. Though I wasn’t able to get a spray bottle until after the move, so that night I used a wetted firm-bristled paint brush to flick little water drops on the palette to keep the paints moist while I painted & kept it covered with a damp paper towel. This reduced the frustration so drastically it was unreal.
Bridge Portal. Acrylics. March 2012
Who else loves to paint? If so, which painting medium do you prefer best (i.e.- watercolors, acrylics, oil, tempera, other)? Any major reasons?

Who else finds themselves letting things like painting, or reading or some other thing they love, slide for the sake of something they later realize they didn’t have to let interfere to such a degree?


Sandra Tyler said...

LOVe this. Especially the first one. The freedom of your strokes. I'm not into realistic stuff so keep it going....

Christina Nabity said...

Thanks so much Sandra. I'm not much into realistic stuff either, I got real life for that. My coordination sucks so controlling my paintbrushes, pencils, pens etc gets pretty frustrating. That problem did not plague me as much as usual while painting Megabugalypse (the one at the top), and many of the strokes were done real fast, that effect of which made me grin.

Sandra Tyler said...

But that lack of " coordination. May be a gift! The swift fast strokes are exciting. As I indicated, I'm fond of the abstract. Realism bores me to tears. You're right, we have enough of reality.

Christina Nabity said...

If I ever admit to boredom my mother will magically hear it and assign me the extra sucky chores. I think though if I were more coordinated that many of the art tasks I regularly perform would contain a lot less frustration often somethings are just too wobbly and even the fast strokes go horrifically awry now and again.

Oh and another reason I prefer to not go for total realism is because I really don't want people trying to get me to do portraits, I can't stand doing portrait work, and it absolutely is not among the services offered on my service page.