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May 22, 2015

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Accidental Fanfic

Some pertinent details, before I disclose this writing adventure.

1.  Before bed that night I’d been writing blog ideas until I started to nod off.
2.  Sometimes while dreaming the writer’s part of my brain kicks into full gear, and I dream write a story. Often, it’s not possible to write it down upon waking.
3.  Right before writing them blog ideas, I watched Twilight, because my boyfriend talked me into giving Twilight another chance (both books and movies). I assume he succeeded so easily because he’s cute. I knew it would find a clever way to bite me in the ass.
4. My resistance to Twilight stemmed from these and more. It’s stupid popular  and over-hyped (read – trendy; trendy makes me cringe & awakens my inner rebel). First time I watched it was with my now ex, he was bored senseless, and I couldn't get into it. Plus, as a big fan of vampire fiction and a writer who holds vampires as a particularly favorite subject, VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE. Twilight makes me get eye strain from rolling my eyes. Late last year, a Twihard cousin talked me into reading the books. The endeavor was abandoned by page 136, and lasted that long only for curiosity about the love triangle and the source of the Twihype. Just finished reading the last book, which of the four I enjoyed most. *sigh* Cute boys can talk a girl into the darnedest things. Though I begrudgingly tolerate it, Twilight still makes me cringe.
5. My entire prior idea catalogue for fanfic boasts only one. To accidentally dream write some was unorthodox. Excessive fantasy dreams about getting Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer notwithstanding. [That one idea for fanfic occurred when Joss Whedon penned Astonishing X-Men. I came up with a spiffy X-Men star in Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 1-6 concept. Though season 7 had been my favorite season of Buffy, Jean Grey/ Phoenix as Willow woulda offed the whole galaxy when Willow got all apocalyptic with her bad self.]

That night I dreamt. For the 1st time ever, I had an idea for a blog entry fully form upon waking. Super progress! Been wanting to get this blog to regular posting status for a very long time, but it’s been disobedient. This bit of encouragement makes me more hopeful about my efforts to write more routinely.

While dreaming, I began to dream write this cool story. It was adventurous, it wasn’t too off genre (I try to stick to my chosen niche of fantasy, sci fi, horror, goth and steampunk), and the plot was building quite nicely. Just as I realized I was dream writing again, the giving Twilight another chance decided to bite me in the ass.

Suddenly, I was no longer just the narrator. I unintentionally inserted myself in the story. Okay relax, it’s not going to be the obvious thing, Edward barely showed up in the dream, so I didn’t write myself in to take Bella’s place and be all romantical with Edward (clap dammit, out there some tween girl needs us to clap so she doesn’t die! Wait that’s fairies in Peter Pan…), besides I have my own hottie and I tend to remember that in dreams. The thing that drove me most to put the books down before is what got me here. It was Bella. Though she tends to make me think of the word maudlin, she wound up making me like her too. Dammit! Now I know - that if these were real people, she and I would’ve been friends. We’d have met simultaneously slipping on a tortilla in the high school cafeteria (Shut up! That happened to me), and formed an underground clumsiness support group. *sigh* They say confession is good for the soul. Yet I feel the need for an early shower, to wash away the shame. *shakes head in dismay*

What happened next in the dream was so memorable, that it was impossible for me to write even a sentence of that story I was dream writing. Another dream story bites the dust before it can be documented. Hell, this blog entry almost got sabotaged by a few things too. Tripped over the notebook on the floor next to my bed, had to use the bathroom, ran out of toilet paper, there wasn’t a mini notebook & pen stashed in the bathroom yet (art & writing ideas hit you whenever they like, and they certainly don’t care if you’re indisposed at the moment), my laptop was still in the bag from my library trip the day before, Sims 3 was still loaded from the 20 minutes I played at the end of that internet stint. But these are common obstacles in getting the writing started for the day. Er, I assume they’re common, but I could just be weird.

Back to the dream writing sabotage. The mysterious cool kids of my story disappeared, and Bella Swan and I were roommates in a room of their mansion. Yeah. While moving our stuff into a different larger room, the story’s plot tried to adjust to the character change. We were pursued around the house by unknown, unseen bad guys. This interlude about the mail from a dream I’d had a week earlier interloped, then my parents showed up. Somehow Bella got a cut on her face, and her attempt to apply Bactine sprayed in her eyes instead of her cut. Oh that irascibly clumsy Bella! Grabbing her hand, I quickly guided her into the bathroom. The ridiculously posh bathroom with the unnecessarily high faucets. I turned on the water, she over shot her aim and doused her head most hysterically. Then she asks me, special snowflake that she is, “How do you plant watermelons?” I bust out laughing, telling her “I usually try following the instructions on the bag.” Then I woke up. Really brain? Really?! *facepalm*

Do you dabble in writing fan fiction? How do you feel about Twilight (vampires don’t sparkle, ggrrrawr!!)?  Have you ever made forays into the zany adventure that is dream writing?

Are there ever times where your brain comes up with something so noodly that you feel a facepalm coming on? If you do and you’re a writer, does that cause you any distress? Are those writing obstacles I mentioned prone to afflicting you too?

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