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May 22, 2015

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010 in Review

First, yes I am aware that this post probably ought to have been done about a week ago. Now if we’re done shaking fingers at me and tsking, on to the look at my 2010.

January 2010
  • Started up my website 
  • Started my Facebook page
  • Posted my 1st few items to my old etsy shop 
  • Posted my 1st items to my zazzle shop
  • Generally started trying to do this Bent Realm thing  full time. 
  • Started doing some art I’m really proud of, for Bent Realm. 
  • Set a plan for the year that was too ambitious & not very organized. 

February 2010

  • Tried out that Link Love thing on Facebook, but ultimately decided not to get too heavy into it. 
  • Discovered ArtFire and opened a shop there. 
  • Got mad at myself for still not having posted 12.2 of Decadent Angels
  • Generally worked on stuff… 

March 2010

  • Got stressed out by costs related to having a car. 
  • Was disappointed by my less than encouraging art posting rate. 
  • Was realizing that this online shopkeeping & full time art & writing thing was taking more time to adjust to and find my directions with than I liked. 

April 2010
  • Tried to prepare stuff for National Poetry Month but didn’t get very far. 
  • Had our home life situation become more tricky. 
  • Began getting extra frustrated with etsy. 
  • Opened my zibbet shop at the end of the month 
  • We finally got a new scanner/printer (scanner is crucial to what I do) (unless I’m remembering it wrong & we got it in March) 

May 2010

  • That month was kinda hard & frustrating. 
  • And I don’t remember a lot about accomplishments then. 

June 2010

  • Our home life situation became less tricky towards the end of the month. 
  • However the finances took some hits from the trickiness, hits we’re still not totally recovered from. 
  • I think this was when I finally started listing stuff in my ArtFire shop. 
  • My art pace picked up during the last week. 
  • Writing was still not happening often enough for my satisfaction. 

July 2010

  • This was the highest output level of art for the year, managed to sustain an art routine for several weeks in a row. 
  • At the end of the month I won a free for life premium seller account with zibbet which really gave me the courage to stop using my etsy & artfire shops like I wanted. 

August 2010 
  • Gradually emptied my etsy & artfire shops into my zibbet shop. 
  • Reduced the number of blogs I was trying to maintain. 
  • Generally spent the month trying to simplify things.  
  • Some personal woes that started in January came to a head, though I still don’t know the results of that, cuz it’s just hard to face and outta my hands anyhow. 
  • I received a jury summons for Arizona. I live in Illinois. *shakes head at flawed system* 

September – November 2010

  • These months flew by so fast I still got whiplash from the time whoosh. 
  • Generally just trying to find my footing or direction for Bent Realm, and working as best I could at the time. 
  • And earned some extra income cleaning the unit next door, so the landlord can rent it out, took longer than I would have liked but finished in early November. 
  • Unfortunately the house cleaning gig wrecked my rhythm & momentum in creating stuff for listing in my shops. So that slowed. 
  • Failed at NaNoWriMo. Pout. 

December 2010

  • Had a major break through in my organization process 
  • Had a decently productive month. 
  • Had the highest number of shop visits to my zibbet shop of any month in 2010. which meant I was doing a better job at promoting & more consistent status updating. 
  • Got a pen & tablet for Christmas. Best. Present. Ever. 

So that’s about all I can remember worth putting in the review. I’ve got big plans for 2011. Sure again I’m being ambitious, but I think the better organization makes up for that. That and my routines are picking up. Just plain have better tools & equipment at the start of 2011 than I did for 2010.

How was your 2010? Do you think 2011 is starting off better?

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