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May 22, 2015

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where the heck is part 2?

For those of you who read my post The Art of Sleep part 1 back at the end of October, you may be wondering where part 2 is. Well it’s been awhile since I wrote the 1st one, I fully expected to write up part 2 within the next week. Due to being crazy sleepy when I finished writing part 1, no notes were written on what I’d intended to put in part two. I sat down to write part two on more than one occasion since, but have not been able to pull outta my head what in tarnation I’d originally had planned for it.

So now if I’m going to do a second part I will have to come up with it from scratch. I fully intend to brainstorm some notes for it after I finish writing this post. Who needs a whole blog entry to say just that?!

Patience my turtle friends. My point is that various things can cause disruption to plans for writing a second or subsequent parts of a series of entries. It’s common enough for sleepiness or a crazy busy day to make you lose sight of such intentions.

It’s not a great idea to title a blog post or even a novel part 1 if you don’t have at least the barest bones of part 2 written down. In the case of a blog entry it is advisable to have the whole series of entries already written or at least outlined before even posting the 1st one. In the case of a novel if you aim to do a series you’d be shooting yourself in the foot by telling folks hey a second bit is coming, without having written any notes on subsequent entries in said series.

And that is my writing tip for this fine but cold day.

What’s your method for writing a series of blog posts or novels, etc? Have you accidentally left floaters in your blog by titling something part 1 without immediately notating what you want in the next part?

Why oh why did I call you turtles? [Meh, it was a spontaneous choice for a term of endearment. I like the word turtle.]


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I started a series of interviews with my characters, but never finished. I don't think anyone really missed them.

Have a good Christmas

Christina Nabity said...

Thanks :)
I expect a lot of blog post series are not noticed when they aren't finished. When I start one and don't finish it, it drives me batty though. It'd be nice to not set myself up to drive myself nuts.

Especially in the case of a book.
There was this one book series (Exiles by: Melanie Rawn) I was reading, at the end of Book 2 it promised a third one, the conclusion to a trilogy. 15 years later it still has not come out and I still REALLY want to read it.

You have a great Christmas too.