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May 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Love Drawing Dragons

ser dra ske 90dpi



There is just something about drawing these fierce majestic creatures, I can’t help it, I love drawing dragons. Gotta say though I haven’t drawn nearly enough dragons this year, let alone thus far in my lifetime. There are 3 of my dragon illustrations hanging in my parents home and I really don’t think this is enough. Two of them are large and I wish I had proper pictures of them to show off here. But then I think, eh well, they are more than five years old anyhow.

Before I tried drawing dragons for the first time I imagined they would be extremely difficult to draw. Then I got my hands on an art book full of sea serpent illustrations. I studied it and then dove right in trying to draw dragons. They turned out to be a lot less tricky to draw than I expected, especially when ya sketch in the frame lines first. Which of course didn’t fully occur to me the first time I did one. It turned out fine but once I started sketching in proper framelines first they got easier.

Realistically though I haven’t drawn very many dragons at all, despite how much I love it. Maybe only 10 of them, a few of those lower level sketch attempts. So come to think of it, I’m doing a lot better at them than I would have expected at them, for that many. Guess that means I ought to draw a bunch more. Heh.

Oh no I feel a self challenge coming on. Something along the lines of doubling the number of dragons I’ve drawn before years end. Wonder if I can snap that out with little schedule troubles.

Do any of you really love dragon art? Who likes drawing, painting, illustrating, writing about, or creating crafts involving dragons? What is it that makes this mythological creature so interesting?


Marsha Knox Art Expression said...

You know I do...or maybe you don' I have any posted/listed? Guess I need to get the camera out. Have been feeling itchy to draw myself. Maybe a halloween dragon? Will keep you posted....

Christina Nabity said...

I kinda can picture this one dragon of yours in my head :) I'm always itchy to draw. Speaking of Halloween dragons I recently have seen a contest on Deviant art for drawing Halloween dragons, so I've been meaning to draw some sort of halloween dragon myself...I think there's examples and a link to the entries too.
The contest is at-
Do you have a Deviant Art, Marsha? If so you should add me on there my Deviant Art account is -