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May 22, 2015

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Been Doing Lots of Re-organizing

Oh my goodness, I have been busy making lots of changes around Bent Realm Studios during August. One thing is I’m trying to do is simplify the way I have things set up around here. Now since I’m kind of a spaz, naturally I had many things set up more separate and complicated than they ought to be. Ok, sure some of that was simply because I wasn’t yet sure what would work best for me and my endeavors, some things  I was just guessing and others I was trying out different venues. One of the things that was in need of major simplification is my blogs.

So over the next week or so both the Bent Realm Chronicles and Samples From Bent Realm Studios blogs will be combining with this blog.

I kept feeling a need to mention posts from each of these 3 blogs within each other then forgetting more often than not, and the efforts began to seem redundant to the point of pretty much halting them to a stand-still. This will be a lot better than trying to direct traffic through 3 different blogs that I now realize ought to be only one. I’ll simply index it as needed and update the other parts of my website to reflect the change properly. This will free up the time spent having a headache over managing the excess ones, for more productive things. It was splitting my focus too much. And well this blog is definitely my favorite of the three to write.

I had good intentions and solid reasons when set these up as three separate blogs, most of them involve indexing issues, and an attempt to make browsing my art samples and Bent Realm news simple. So naturally it came out all complicated, and along the way I figured out a better and genuinely simple way to address those things. And yeah it was one of those things that make ya go duh.

Sorry for any inconveniences. This change should make things a lot simpler for everyone. Plus it should relieve the tension I’ve been feeling when I sit down to write a blog entry past couple months. Wish me luck and a smooth transition.

Questions? Thoughts? Diatribes about ninjas?


Unknown said...

Hooray for organization and simplification! I'm always been a fan of that annoying saw: "A place for everything and everything in its place." Makes life so much easier.

Christina Nabity said...

I agree it does make life easier, at least it does when ya can actually figure out how to organize whatever it is that needs it...