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May 22, 2015

Monday, May 24, 2010

Sleep and the Creative

Been up to lots of things in the background lately. A flurry of activity mostly offline, and much planning too. We’ve had a house guest come to stay long term. This is taking adjustment, naturally. I’ve got several entries for Artistical Exploration started up and in various stages of being written.

My sleep schedule has been upside down for the last week or so. I’d worry except this absolutely nothing new. Silly thing flips upside down on a fairly regular basis. Me awake days for a week or so, me asleep nights for a week or so then the cycle repeats. It’s among the major reasons working at home is just about the only reasonable option for me.

It’s funny the different ways that this affects my creativity and other processes. In my more awake days I look for patterns, curiously seeking out the best bet times for doing specific tasks whether that be the art, writing, business and networking aspects. I’ve yet to find anything conclusive on this. The scientist in me is disappointed by that. The free spirit in me revels in it, muwahahaha conformity can suck it that part of me says. And well no one wants to hear what the practical side of me thinks.

I wonder how does your sleeping pattern interfere with enhance or otherwise affect your creative processes? And for those who run businesses around your creativity, how does your sleep pattern affect your business efforts? I’m curious how other people in similar boats handle the whole sleep issue…


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I long ago decided that I will sleep when I'm dead.
Funny, the more sleep I get, the less motivated I become. Saturdays at home tend to get squandered.

Christina Nabity said...

There've been moments where I'll think I'll sleep when I'm dead, then I remember I actually get hospitalized if I go too long without sleep.
The better I've slept the more I get done, or at least that's how it's been the past couple of years. But I think quality is better than quantity, as with most things.

Unknown said...

I've always suffered from chronic fatigue, and this winter, I'd finally had it. So I started messing around with my sleeping patterns, mostly by shutting off the alarm clock and letting my body wake up when it naturally wanted to. Doing so has helped quite a bit. Since I've *always* suffered chronic fatigue, it's hard to compare my creativity when fatigued to my creativity when not fatigued. I would say my energy level really doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

Christina Nabity said...

Sorry I didn't see this sooner, K.M., but this is why I have the comments of blog entries older than 7 days set to be moderated, so that I do eventually see them.

I can really relate to your situation. I do so much better when I let my body decide when to wake rather than the screechy hellsack, er, I mean alarm clock.

You say your energy level doesn't make much difference- is that just for the creativity, or is that also for how long it takes to get your work written down?

Personally, the creativity is there no matter how tired or not tired I am. It's the timeframe in which stuff gets done that suffers. For example something that usually takes 15-20 minutes will take twice as long or worse. Then later I realize - ah, just should have gone to sleep a couple hours ago and taken a 3 hour nap instead of spending 3 hours trying unsuccessfully to finish something that could have waited until after the nap.
How is that with you?