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May 22, 2015

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Working on a bunch of posts for this right now. I expect one to go up later today, and to post with more frequency. The last month & a half have been tricky with stress & random goings on in my personal life. It's truly difficult to post some days, I imagine as I become more practiced & used to my new schedule that will have less of an effect.

Meanwhile, wondering what everybody else is up to quite often lately. So I thought I'd post a general check in.

  • Who has done or started any of the National Poetry Month challenges?
  • In general what kinds of arts, crafts, or writing are you guys working on?
  • What kinds of topics would you guys like to see most in this blog?
  • For the writers, what's your daily word-count looking like lately?

    As for me, I typically have a hard time counting my words, for me that's the hardest part of it. Well, I have to go right now, falling asleep at the keyboard.

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