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May 22, 2015

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drawing a cyborg

Here’s a snapshot out of my sketchbook. This is a cyborg femme fatale I’m working on drawing. It will be available for sale in my etsy shop as soon as it’s finished. It was started in January I had to set it aside for a little while, I’ll admit I got distracted. But also some projects need to brew while I sleep, and turn out better for having set them aside. I keep looking at it every so often so that I have it fresh in my mind and sort of contemplate what I want to do with specific areas and so on. I think it comes out far better having done that, with a trickier piece.
     Some pieces however must be finished immediately or they are doomed, I have a few unfinished pieces idling in my art studio going back as far as junior high. Luckily I don’t do that too often. If I’d have been able to get to back to those few pieces within months they would have been finished, but until around 4 years ago my life was such that I had to move around a lot, things tended to get packed up long term or even lost entirely. I must say I like the much more stable home environment I’ve had since meeting my fiancé.
     I picked up a taste for drawing cyborgs while I was briefly able to attend college, then majoring in video game design. If given the opportunity to begin school again I think I’d go for an animation degree since that would benefit my company more and were I to try getting a job with in the game design industry, they prefer you to specialize in a specific field.
     Anyhow I love sci-fi a great deal, and since cyborgs are fun to draw, I’m hoping to draw more of them.
So what do you think? Would you like to see me do more sci-fi art? Do you like drawing sci-fi? What kind?

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Hope you enjoyed this sketchbook sneek peek.

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