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May 22, 2015

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy Like a Nutter

Wow have I been busy lately, busy like a nutter. It’s easy to get caught up in my activities. Then there is how long it takes to wake up. Sure, I guess I could drink coffee, but it’s yucky and I don’t want to add that to my budget.

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been working on:
  • Scrambling to complete an entry for a contest I didn't find out about until last minute. Sadly, I had no real chance to make that deadline.
  • Trying to get my blogs in order. They all need new posts, or rather a back stock of posts to come, which I’ve been throwing together, in addition figuring out some adjustments I want to make to the layouts. 
  • Random stuff around the house.
  • Working on art to post to my etsy shop and my store on Zazzle
  • General organizing and Bent Realm work
  • Working on a feature for this blog on the fabulous artist Vicki Death ( @VickiDeath | her shop | the feature will link here).
  • I intend to start featuring other artists and writers around once a month. I love the artist/writer community support vibe, I think it’s incredibly important to be there for each other in this crazy creativity whirlwind we are swept up in. I’ll get a page up with submission details soon.
  • New Decadent Angels episodes begin releasing sometime next month, meanwhile the already written episodes will continue posting until then (it’s done through part 12:1). Plus there’s supplementary content to prepare for that.
  • Been hunting for a proper way to put my feeds onto my home page, honestly I’d simply prefer to know how to code that myself so I can plug one in where ever on my site I need one without having to worry about whether or not it’s allowed to be used on a small business site type bs. Can’t begin to tell you how much that sort of crap drives me bonkers, like it’s not ok for simple broke as hell creative types like me to try and get somewhere without popping blood vessels, selling our souls or hocking a kidney or some such non-sense. I digress feeling a little irate at certain aspects of the world, grumble grumble. Claw my way to the top, grawr. The top of what? Eh, who knows, but cookies may be involved.
  • Lots impending releases this year that I am working on.
  • Concept work.
  • Probably other stuff I’m forgetting to mention.
I think it’d be real easy to feel overwhelmed. But I’ve forbidden myself to be overwhelmed. Yep. Cuz that totally works.
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What are you working on lately? Are you overwhelmed by your project load? Do you have any tips for being less overwhelmed, more productive and /or de-stressing?

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Pat said...

found you through link love. Very nice blog, happy to follow

Christina Nabity said...

Thank-you very much!