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May 22, 2015

Friday, February 26, 2010

Comic Strip Longings

     Lately I’ve been thinking I'd like to start doing a regular comic-strip. Not in place of any other project, yes again - in addition to the other projects. This may be crazy but there are so very many things I want to do, and most days I haven't the heart to tell myself hey there's no time for all that. Perhaps largely because there is so very little time in a day anyhow.
     In all probability I could convince myself that it's a warm-up activity for sequential drawing & comic book making. Like in the way writing a poem can be warm-up writing. Often I wonder how people get started on such things though. Coming up with nearly daily ideas for a comic strip seems semi out of reach, or at least perplexing. It almost sounds like I'm asking that age old question where do you get your ideas. Blech, hate that question. Where ideas come from is something I've discovered long ago, from any and everything, the smallest moment or image can open a gate within the mind and instantly unfurl a path of a story that you either choose to follow, shape, and work with, or you ignore it and go about your day. Lots of people ignore it, I’m not one who can ignore the stories lurking in the dark spaces of my noggin, they don’t let me get away with such nonsense.
     The problem is that I’m not sure how to come up with ideas suitable to a comic strip type thing on a regular basis. Usually the stuff I come across out there are strips and cartoons with a set theme and a humorous bit in somewhere. Since I tend to write horror & fantasy type stuff more often than any other, I’m not sure I can come up with any semblance of regular punch line type material. Then I wonder if that should stop me or if I should just put out whatever pours outta my head, and hope for the best. Maybe that’s the trick, maybe that’s what the comic strip makers do in general. Well, couldn’t hurt to try could it?


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