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May 22, 2015

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dream a story

A few days ago, I had two dreams that were perfect for converting into stories, large swaths of material written in my sleep. I love dreams like that. Especially when I remember enough upon waking that I can actually write it down. Though it is quite rare for there to be two of them in one morning, dreams of this nature come along just often enough for me to be fascinated by the concept of weaving tales in my dreams. Many of them slip away before I have the chance to write them down. With luck and effort, I'll get better at documenting them.

I am usually aware during many dreams most nights, so I am always seeking material in there, often realizing I am dreaming before it ends. With the sort of dreams where so much story potential is, with me as little more than eyes upon the scene, basically the camera, it’s better if I don’t realize I am dreaming, or at the very least remember that my subconscious is busy story telling and I want to use it when I wake. In regular dreams when I am a part of what is going on, it is perfectly fine to meddle and grant myself an unlimited balance on my credit card and attempt to make other great things happen, but when it could be a story I need to let catastrophe and adventure unfold unhindered by my awareness. Now I begin to wonder at the idea of using this, exploring it as a form of brainstorming in high-def. Like artistic creative exercises.

Of course trying to affect the dream does not always yield expected results. For example, one time I was shopping and realized I was dreaming so I began loading my cart with awesome stuff deciding to charge it since it was only a dream, then all of a sudden, on my way to checkout, a mysterious and all together alluring darkened tunnel appeared. I just had to know what it was. So with the kind of curiosity that should be feared, I stepped through the entrance. It was a very short tunnel and on the other side I was out in the open sky very high up with absolutely stunning forest scenery on either side of me and in front of me a spectacular water-slide, it had no end in sight. I plunged into it and rode it for miles having such a blast. It deposited me completely dry in a subway station where I then took the train to the next stop which oddly enough was this bizarre island chain. Way better than dreams where you are at work, any day. So perhaps by exploring and experimenting I may yield not only more material for my art and writing but also I could reduce and disarm my frequent nightmares. Sad to say for awhile I was even on medication for night terrors, however it stopped working. Like with most things I end up needing a more hands-on and custom approach.

Naturally, now with the written contents of those two dreams in possession, I am left with deciding what to do with them, as dreams can only be a starting point for most things. Unsurprisingly, they both have the potential for a series, simply because I prefer series both when I read and when I write, even in art at times. I must decide what formats, what core demographics, titles, character names and where to go from where the dreams put me. One of them would be completely fine for the novel format, but the first of the two had far more stunning graphics, ideally it should be an animated series, but that is a ways off for me. I have not yet been able to do any sketches from it yet but I might get lucky and be able to put some of that down before it fades.

Additionally, I find myself wondering if I can induce either of those two dreams specifically to return so that I might expand upon those worlds in the context of the lush landscapes possible while dreaming. I have been attempting to solve problems while dreaming for years and am very interested in the nature of dreams and the dreaming self and also exerting control and so on, due to my lifelong struggle with sleep I have always been fascinated by all aspects of sleep, and prone to experimenting with many aspects of it. I also keep pen and paper bedside always, in case of sweet dreams like those.

I am curious about how other people go about their dreaming. Do you remember much of your dreams? Have you any control while dreaming? Do you ever use your dreams in writing or art? Have you done much experimenting with your dreams? Feel free to start a discussion here.