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May 22, 2015

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Creative Writing Exercise: Blast of Creepiness

Once upon a time I discovered Yahoo 360. I got hooked. I especially liked their blast feature. Then in late 2007 they announced major changes would occur. Based on what I read I thought I'd better stop using this because it's going to disappear. Well they've just announced that as of July 13th it will be shut down. Early I sought to replace the blog host for Decadent Angels which started out as a creative writing exercise on one of my yahoo 360 pages, so I moved it to my myspace. But on different yahoo 360 page I began doing a few creative writing exercises directly in the blast, it's been a long time since I've done that and I'd always hoped to start again assuming 360 didn't vaporize.
Around a week ago I caved and finally decided to check out Twitter. And I've been mulling over what I should do with it while I had nothing noteworthy to post. When you have a Twitter it's important to post several times a week if you want it to really take you somewhere. Today when staring at that little 140 character box I was suddenly reminded of how it was just like the 360 blast thing. Eureka! More uses for my Twitter rushed into my mind, instantly. Chief among these was those little creative writing exercises I posted a few times. What I basically do for this exercise is put on the internet radio for mood, and meditate for a few moments to get into the right frame of mind. Then I just start to write fast, and poetic until I hit the character limit. I trim it down if necessary, though it rarely is because the character limit is displayed, and as poems go there is nothing to necessarily complete. Naturally being me, they came out sort of creepy and atmospheric, as with all of my poetry endeavors.
So now I will attempt to resurrect the exercise on my Twitter tweets. I've decided to call them Blasts of Creepiness, and I will post copies of them on here whenever I have around 5 to start with. If you see the Blasts of Creepiness label on here that's what I'm referring to.
This is something I really recommend attempting, it's great writery fun. Though by all means don't limit yourself to just creepy & atmospheric, go with your own style of poetry. Even give your own name, to reflect the style, and to differentiate it from my works.

A few ideas for this:
  • If you wish to use the same theme you could call it something like Tweets of Doom to archive them in your own blog.
  • Theme: ode to your pet
  • Theme: mini love poems
  • Theme: ultimate warrior poetry
  • Theme: mystery
  • Variation: write a serial story poem 140 characters at a time
  • Theme: horrifyingly cheerful poems, of a sunshine and daisies variety
  • Theme: green poetry tweets, concerning things of an earthy nature, and the greatness of a house run on solar power and built out of mud and recycled beer bottles...recycling and love of the environment have moved into a very trendy place lately.
  • Theme: comedy
  • Theme: sci-fi
  • Theme: fantasy
  • Theme: western
The posibilities are extensive. The point of it is to stretch your imagination and practice creativity, it's an excellent way for a writer to warm-up. A fun addition to your Anti-Boredom Arsenal, because remember, boredom is dangerous and must be stopped.

Well that's good for now. I will be posting later: my old blasts that I did for 360, more creative writing exercises, and more idea grenades for your Anti-Boredom Arsenal, among other things.

~ Aurey Sorrow

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